Lobster For Dinner


For those of you that have just gotten into the sneaker culture phenomenon, we wanted to take you back to the era where Nike SB was dominating the scene. Acclaimed Boston-based boutique Concepts was one of the stores that pioneered the Nike SB movement and birthed ¬†the trending culture of collaborations. When Nike first launched the SB line back in 2002, Concepts was one of the very first boutiques to carry the line which eventually evolved the relationships between the 2 brands to introduce the “Red Lobster” SB Dunk Low back in 2008.

Drawing inspiration from the region of New England and it’s rich culture in seafood, the very first Red Lobster SB was obviously designed to emulate a lobster. The rubber band around the toe boxes was a very genius idea to mimic how lobsters also have rubber bands around their claws when being purchased. Even down to the details of blemishes can be seen on the upper just like real lobsters have on their shells. The interior lining and was cleverly designed, taking inspiration from typical table cloth covers during picnics, giving the Red Lobster SB the full concept of food and eating. What also made these so special was the packaging that it came with, Concepts really went all out to produce an experience of purchasing a pair of kicks like no other.

Being that the Red Lobster SB was so successful, Concepts and Nike SB teamed up again in 2009 to introduce the “Blue Lobster SB.” These Dunk Low’s shared all the same characteristics of the Red Lobster SB but taking tones and hues from vibrant¬†blue lobsters. The Blue Lobster SB’s also came in some crazy packaging, they basically took their original concept from the Red Lobster SB to a whole new level when it came to the Blue Lobster SB’s.

While the Blue Lobster SB’s were released, there was also a special run of “Friends and Family” pairs that came in the form of Yellow Lobster SB’s, which are ultra rare nowadays. Only 36 pairs of the Yellow Lobster SB’s were produced, making these Dunk Low’s one of the rarest.

Concepts really paved the way and helped shape what sneaker culture is today. It was these Lobster SB’s that helped spark the catalyst of co-branded sneaker collaborations with such creative concepts.

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