What The LeBron XI


This week marks the release of the beloved “What The” LeBron XI and this year’s mash up definitely separates in uniqueness from the previous models. The “What The” LeBron 9 having never been released only built up a lot of hype around the shoe and the recent model of the “What The” LeBron X had sneakerheads going crazy. Most collectors should know and understand the concept behind Nike’s “What The” model kicks and generally the Swoosh uses different aesthetic components and design elements from the same model all compiled into one crazy looking sneaker. This rule wasn’t any different when approaching the “What The” LeBron 9 and 10 and history has shown that these concepts for the LeBron line and models was a huge success. The current model of the LeBron XI was no different when it came to the “What The” approach but with a twist that only hardcore LeBron fans would know or even notice. Unlike the 9 and 10, the LeBron XI not only utilizes elements of other XI models but also takes on components from actual LeBron models from the past. Case in point, the new “What The” LeBrox XI seems to be using the actual tongues taken from the South Beach 8 and Red Carpet 7. You can also see hits of Fruity Pebbles and Graffiti taken from the LeBron 4, all-in-all, you’ll find 28 different design and aesthetic elements taken from the King’s past models making this “What The” LeBron the most unique from the previous released and unreleased.

Look forward to seeing both of the unreleased “What The” LeBrox IX and the released “What The” LeBron X in our upcoming Vault section as well as this year’s “What The” LeBron XI hitting our general catalog tonight.


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