dunk sb diamond hi and low set

Let’s crank the clocks back to 2005 when the sneaker culture wasn’t as nearly as saturated as it is today, when the economy was healthy and when Nicky Diamonds dropped the Diamond SB’s forever changing the way Dunks would ever be looked at. The “Tiffany” themed Aqua leather and silver Swoosh paired with embossed faux croc became an instant classic fueling the demand for the SB line for years to come. The Diamond Dunk Low¬† also dubbed “Tiffany” or “Tiff” not only appealed to sneakerheads already deep in the game but also opened the door to more mainstream consumers of men and women alike. No one really owned the Aqua color the way Diamond Supply Co. did, it manifested into a much more prevalent connection than any other brand that has tried to use the color before in the space of apparel and footwear. Almost a decade later, Nicky Diamonds has shaken up the sneaker culture again with the release of the the 2014 Dunk High SB “Diamond” featuring the exact same colorway with only a couple slight differences. The glossy smaller croc embossed leather was swapped with a more matte and larger scale faux croc all atop of the updated Dunk outsole. We don’t have to explain the concept of supply and demand when it comes to the Diamond SB High’s so make sure to cop while supplies last!


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