Project Blitz x FRSH AIR Red October + Yeezy 2 Raffle Giveaway


We’re pleased to announce our very first collaboration project with FRSH AIR, an air freshener brand that speaks the language of our culture. As both brands having a passion for sneakers and the culture that surrounds it, we wanted to produce an air freshener based on a sneaker that has love from just about every sneaker collector on the planet – the Nike Air Yeezy 2. When we originally started this project, we had no clue as to if or when the actual Red Octobers were officially dropping. Capturing every detail of the actual all red Yeezy 2’s, we made sure that we didn’t miss a single detail into the design of our product. We pushed the envelope when it came to the packaging as we wanted to keep it as simple as possible yet applying creativity to the execution. Add a generous splash of Japanese Squash scent and voila, you have the FRSH BLITZ “Red October” Air Fresheners.

Now we know all of you are probably somewhat frustrated towards the official release of the Red Octobers. Well don’t worry, we got you covered. With the release of the FRSH BLITZ Air Fresheners coming out during the holidays, we want to raffle off tickets to giveaway at least one pair of the Yeezy 2 Red Octobers. No tagging yourself in posts. No reposting. No hashtagging photos. No need to follow. There are only 3 simple rules:

  1. You MUST purchase at least ONE FRSH BLITZ “Red October” Air Freshener in order to be eligible to purchase raffle tickets.
  2. If you only have the air freshener(s) in your order, we will ship only the air freshener(s). Raffle tickets must be added to your cart separately and your raffle ticket purchase(s) must be in the same order as your air freshener(s).
  3. Any orders submitted for raffle tickets only will be immediately cancelled.

We will announce the release of the FRSH BLITZ Air Fresheners on our Facebook and Twitter pages so if you’re following us, the sooner you will know that the release has dropped. There will be 2,000 MARKED raffle tickets available to order at $2 per ticket, the air fresheners will be $10 each with no limits on the amount you can order. We reserve the right to extend the amount of raffle tickets available to fulfill the demand of the giveaway. All orders on air fresheners and raffle tickets will be shipped FREE but you MUST be a registered user on our web store in order to qualify. Once the air fresheners sell out and all orders have been received, we will announce the winner on our Instagram account with a video of the ticket drawing no later than December 31st, 2013. Once a winner is selected, we will get in contact with you to verify your participation and make arrangements to ship out the product.

Good luck and don’t sleep!

UPDATE – 1.1.14

As all of you know through our social media outlets, we have extended the raffle giveaway for the Red October to January 2nd, 2014. In collaboration with the world renowned DJ Skee, we will be holding a live drawing on the raffle giveaway at the Skee Lodge in Hollywood. DJ Skee is holding it all down for us with a performance from Skeem as well as more giveaways at the shindig. Make sure to check all the details below for the lowdown.

For those that can’t join us for the party, don’t worry. A video of the live drawing will be posted on our Instagram account as well as DJ Skee’s so that all of you outside of California can also confirm if you’ve won the Red Octobers or not so make sure to stay tuned in!

The Skee Lodge
1952 N. Cahuenga (Back Lot)
Hollywood, CA 90068
Thursday, January 2nd @ 2PM


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