Black Tiger Camo


I’ve never been a huge Air Max 90 head, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of Air Max 90’s in my life – until now. When the atmos “Dunk Infra Camo” AM90’s dropped I was somewhat interested but not enough to actually want to rock but after seeing the atmos “Black Tiger Camo’s” I definitely needed a pair. The immediate part of the kicks that needed to be changed were the laces. White laces are standard out of the box but the Swoosh provides a second pair of black laces that just flows SO much better than the white.

The not so obvious element I love about these AM90’s is the leather – it screams PREMIUM. Photos really don’t do the justice of how premium these shoes feel with the leather that were used. Kudos to atmos on that, a true sign of a brand that pays attention to quality of details. And to keep things consistent, you can see the same orange color palette throughout the AM90’s that were used on the Air Max 1 “Tiger Camo” that were released earlier this year. We all knew from reading all the blogs that these AM90’s were going to be 3M and atmos really killed it on the execution of seamlessly incorporating it into the pattern of the tiger camouflage.

What you didn’t read in the blogs (probably because they didn’t know) is that the small speckles on the outsoles weren’t just there for aesthetic purposes, they actually GLOW IN THE DARK. These kicks are probably one of the hardest pairs we ever had to shoot, to be able to pop the 3M while trying to make the outsoles glow was a pretty hard challenge but needless to say, we’re pretty happy with the outcome of the shoot. These gems are definitely going to end up being grails over time and we have plenty in stock but don’t sleep cause they’re moving pretty quick!



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