Adidas Money Forum Hi

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In 2002, Jeremy Scott teamed up with Adidas to bring you the Adidas “Money” Forum Hi.  The Forum featured a unique collage of the $1 US currency note that showcased Jeremy Scott’s head on the center of each bill.  The concept of the currency collage was inspired by television game shows that were popular in the United States and the lavish prizes the contestants would have the opportunity to win.  Like the contestants’ chances of winning the grand prize in a game show, the chances of getting your hands on a pair of these Adidas Forum Hi was just as slim.  Limited to 100 pairs in existence, Jeremy Scott gave every sneaker connoisseur the excitement of being a contestant in hopes of owning the grand prize, The Adidas “Money” Forum Hi. Be on the look out for these gems to be hitting our Vault section and check out all the amazing pictures below!

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