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Welcome to Project Blitz v1.2!

Needless to say, the past few weeks have been more than taxing as we have been working patiently and diligently to make upgrades to our web store. From the looks of it, you probably won’t notice a visual difference aside from the new Paypal seal at the footer of every page. The changes and upgrades we have made has all been done to the infrastructure of the web store. The most major upgrade that we have put into place is our hosting solutions. Since the launch of Project Blitz, we noticed a steady climb in traffic and as the platform we are on is very front heavy (excuse my tech jargon) with high quality product images and just the sheer fact of the amount of products we have; we ultimately migrated the web store over to a new server setup that has been beefed up to handle more traffic and much more products. With over 7,000 SKU’s  currently entered into our system, we wanted to be sure that anyone visiting our store has the most efficient experience possible. Once you start browsing around on the site again, you will notice a drastic difference in speed and the way the pages load. Product images load much faster as well as expanding much quicker.

In addition to our servers on steroids, we have also now connected FedEx as a shipping option in conjunction with USPS as our shipping gateways which will give our customers more optionality to their freight methods. And who can forget about Paypal? As our roots originated from eBay, Paypal has been a preferred payment gateway for most online consumers in the digital space, which is why our web store now offers Paypal as a payment option and adds another layer of security to our already secured web store.

There is much more ahead of us as Project Blitz will always be a work in progress. We are continuing to build more custom features such as “search by size” to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. We apologize for the downtime of our web store and thank those who have been waiting patiently for the re-opening. Happy shopping!

Project Blitz