Is the Swoosh Worth It?


First off, I have to confess that the Air Jordan III and IV are at the top of my list but is it worth it to shell out the extra bread to pay for that Swoosh branding? It’s great that the Jumpman brand re-releases “Retro’s” with the original colorways and even I have to admit that I was one of those guys waiting in line at the crack of dawn when the Retro III and IV’s came out recently. But there is just something special about having the iconic “NIKE” with the swoosh branding on the heel. With how saturated the market has gotten and how much of a shift that the sneaker collecting world has turned with these so called “limited” releases coming out every month, the sense of value that is added to original branding just really can’t be quantified into the emotion of what it makes you feel like rocking a pair with the iconic Swoosh branding. Sure, it can be quantified into an actual dollar amount but the feeling that you get when you first open up the box, lace up the shoes and wear them for the first time is priceless. Not to mention all the love you’ll get from random sneakerheads that see you walking around wearing them. Remember, the 2001 release of the “Black Cement” III Retro is already listed on the site. The Retro IV’s with the Swoosh will be hitting the shop very shortly!


Project Blitz